Refugee Claim

If you are someone

who is already in Canada, and afraid to return to your country of origin, or your habitual residence, you may have the ability to claim Refugee protection here and have your claim adjudicated by a panel of the Immigration and Refugee Board, an independent tribunal. A claim for refugee protection will be determined following a formal, quasi-judicial proceeding at which all of the evidence that you have to support the reasons why you can’t go back to your home country will be considered. You’ll have the right to be represented by counsel as well as the right to call witnesses to testify on your behalf.

To claim refugee status,

the fear of persecution must be one of these five forms.  The individual must demonstrate that their country is unable or unwilling to provide them with adequate state protection.

If you are a person

in need of protection in Canada, we are happy to assist you with makinga claim as a refugee or protected person in Canada. We can assist you withpreparation of BOC (basis of claim) , hearing before IRB (Immigration andRefugee Board) and subsequent appeals, if necessary.

Professional Fees

These amounts below do not include disbursement (Government fees) or miscellaneous costs.

Initial Consultation starts from CAD 65 and goes onward as required.