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Provincial Nominee Programs

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

is suitable for individuals who want to become permanent residents of Canada by working and living in a particular province or territory and meet the requirements of any one of the immigration programs (“streams”) offered y that province or territory.

Each province and territory

has its own “streams” which target a specific group, such as, students, business-people, skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, etc. The following provinces and territories currently have their own immigration “streams”:

Information about how to be nominated by a province or territory is available on their websites.

How to apply?

An individual may apply to a province or territory directly or through the Express Entry System.

In the online Express Entry process, there are 2 ways to apply:


In both cases:

How we can help-

Our experienced RCICs can provide expert guidance with your application for permanent residence to any of the PNP streams. If you want to find out whether you are eligible for one of the PNP streams, contact us.

Professional Fees

These amounts below do not include disbursement (Government fees) or miscellaneous costs.

Initial Consultation starts from CAD 65 and goes onward as required.

Provincial Nominee Program (EE or Non-EE) - CAD 5000