Visitor & Super Visa

Parents & Grandparents Super Visa

A super visa

is a special kind of visitor visa issued to parents/grand parents which allows them to visit their children/grandchildren in Canada for 2 years at a time. It is a multiple entry visa and is valid for up to 10 years

An application

for a super visa may only be made from out side Canada. Dependant children may not be added in this kind of application.

To be eligible for super visa, the applicant must:

The invitee must prove

a household income that meets the minimum necessary income, which varies depending on the total number of family members. Proof of income may be shown in various ways, including notice of assessment or T4/T1 of the most recent tax year, employment insurance stubs, pay  stubs, employment letter, bank statement, etc.

It must be remembered

that super visa is after all a type of temporary resident visa. So, it must be established that the applicant is a genuine visitor who will leave by choice at the end of the stay.

A super visa application may be made online or on paper.

Professional Fees

These amounts below do not include disbursement (Government fees) or miscellaneous costs.

Initial Consultation starts from CAD 65 and goes onward as required.

Parents & Grandparents Super Visa - Starts from CAD 1200 (Price may vary depending on the complexity of the file, or because of previous refusal(s) record).